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Phoenix 3D Solutions is proud to be printing the "MayDay FPV" designed Floss 3 Canopy


MayDay FPV went a new direction this time with a Nylon Canopy with a removable TPU Turtle Fin!!


This hybrid setup allows you to easily swap between a canopy with a fin and with no fin.  Coming soon will be a GoPro mount that utilizes the same mounting point!!


Each canopy comes with the additional hardware to attach it to the frame. Some screws from the frame are reused, see below.


Mounting information. The front of the canopy reuses the frames bottom bolts to attach the stainless standoffs to the aluminum plate and the frame's top plate screws are used to attach the canopy to the standoffs. 


The canopy is printed in very durable and rigid Taulman Nylon and the fin in SainSmart TPU.


There is a $5 upcharge for dyeing the canopy from its natural whiteish color





Floss 3 Canopy w/ AXII Mount

Canopy Dye Color
TPU Fin Color