Phoenix 3D Solutions is proud to be printing the all new "MayDay FPV" designed Micro Cam Floss V2.1 Canopy


This pod is designed to work with the Pyro-Drone HyperLite Floss V2.1 and the Floss V2


Each canopy comes with two 10mm standoffs, two M3 x 8mm and 4 M3 x 12mm for mounting the canopy to the frame.


Check out the 3 in 1 TPU Antenna mount designed for the canopy 


The new standoff mounting technique provides a much stronger attachment for the arms and canopy in one.


The canopy is printed in very durable and rigid Taulman Nylon. 


There is a $5 upcharge for dyeing the canopy from its natural whiteish color





"MayDay FPV" Floss V2.1 Canopy (Fits V2 Also)

Canopy Dye Color
Turtle Fin
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