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United States

For you fans of fidget spinners and Pokemon, we are introducing our Phoenix "Poke Ball" Spinner!!


For the times when you are stuck in traffic, in a meeting or just can't get your fix catching them all, grab the Phoenix "Poke Ball" Spinner and spin those frustrations away!


These are made out of high quality APLA which is as strong as ABS yet eco-friendly and the bearing caps are of TPU go solid grip and comfort .  Each spinner comes with a high quality BONES® REDS® bearing! Each bearing will come cleaned for optimal spin time.


Inside each Poke Ball is a 1/2" chrome steel ball for weight


Choose from our large selection of color choices for the bearing caps! 


If you would like a custom colored "Poke" Spinner please contact us and we can arrange for pricing and design specs.

"Poke Ball" Spinner

Finger Caps

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