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 The "TWIG TANK is a more durable thicker version of our original Speed Racer TWIG kit.  The premium carbon frame is 112mm mm motor post to motor post and a true X design that is 4mm mm thick.  The frame by itself weight only 18.9 grams.  Most completed builds are between 60-90 grams depending on the components you choose.  This frame is a very high quality carbon and is chamfered 1 mm on both sides.  Our signature racer style designed frame not only looks amazing,  but the design also allows it to be much more durable than most others in its class.  The TWIG tank carbon frame has mounting holes to accommodate toothpick style AIO flight controllers with the USB mounted on the side and older bottom mount USB whoop style AIO flight controllers as well.  Our new layout provides you with both standard battery mounting and now toilet bowl direction as well.  AIO has quickly became the standard in our industry for micros due to its all in one design, shorter stack, and being lighter than most stack setups.  The toothpick style AIO is recommended to be able to use both the battery strap slot options.  Motor mounts are universal to accommodate both standard  4 hole 9X9 mm  slotted to 12x12 mm mounting to allow for larger sized motors with the frame being so thick and durable . 


 We have (2) kits we offer.  A Standard & Deluxe Kit.  

The Standard Kit includes the frame, TPU Canopy, mounting hardware, Racer X FPV custom battery strap, battery mounting pad,  and a set of HQ T3X2.5X3 props.  

The Deluxe Kit includes all the items in the Standard Kit but you also get TPU self adjusting quick release battery mounts in 2S, 3S, & 4S sizes as well as arm guards and motor wire clips.   Our new TPU battery mounts have a unique design that allows them to be rotated to both standard position and toilet bowl style with the same mount.  Our older style you had to specify when ordering if you wanted standard or toilet bowl style.  Now you get both options from all our mounts available. The inner dimensions of the battery mounts are as follows 3S is 25mm x 15mm,  2S is 19mm x 14mm and the 1S is 17mm x 12mm


The newly designed included canopy has 5-55 degree camera angle adjustment .  The canopy fits all 14x14mm micro cameras such as the Caddx Baby Ratel, Runcam Nano 2, Runcam Racer Nano, & Caddx EOS2 cameras.  We also now have (2) mounting holes standard on all our canopies so you can adjust the camera mounting and where the lens of the camera is located to protect it mush better.  Any smaller vtx can be used.  We like using the new NamelessRC Nano since it is very small and provides amazing video at up to 400mw output and has smart audio control.  If you choose to go HD, you can stack the Caddx Baby Turtle HD or the new Runcam Whoop Mounting Split 3 Nano cameras above the aio board.  



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Twig Tank Frame Kit

Canopy and Kit Color