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The " TWIG XL" is a larger version of our original "Speed Racer TWIG".  This enlarged design has a frame size of 140mm at 3mm and comes in around 20 grams.  Typical completed builds (depending on components) come in around 100-115 grams before your battery of choice.  We have (3) frame choices available.  The original TRUE, STRETCH-X design preferred by Racers, and even a WIDE-X for you Freestylers and you guys that prefer HD cameras with no props in view.


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The following is included in every kit:


(1) TWIG XL Premium T700 Chamfered Frame

(1) 30mm X 30mm X 3mm Premium Umma Grip Battery Pad

(1) Custom Racer X FPX Premium, Battery Strap

(1) TPU Canopy

(4) TPU Arm Guards

(4) TPU Motor Wire Clips

(4) M3x6mm Black Nylon Standoffs

(4) M3X8mm Black Nylon Standoffs

(8) M3x6mm Black Button Head Socket Cap Screws

(4) M2X16mm Black Button Head Socket Cap Screws

(8) M2 Black Nylon Nuts, HQ T3X2.5X3 Props

Packaging & Label.


if you chose "Yes" for the Striping Option please include the color combo you would like into the Text Field.

Twig XL Frame Kit

Canopy and Arm Guard Color